Winners of the 38th Annual Harvestfest Photography Competition

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Last evening, Image Makers Photography Club in Truro, Nova Scotia held their 38th Annual Harvestfest Photography Competition.  Due to a last minute school closure, the usual meeting location had to be changed.  A special thank you goes out to the First Baptist Church in Truro for helping them with such short notice.  It was greatly appreciated.  

There were 87 entries in this year’s digital competition and they were judged based on four different criteria: Impact, Technical Quality, Content/Composition and Creativity.  

There were two judges on the panel which included George Klass and Lawrence Nicoll.  Originally, there were three judges.  Due to a family emergency, the third judge had to withdraw from judging.

There was a good turnout at last night’s presentation and the judges’ shared their comments along with their constructive criticism if any.

The prizes were generously donated by the following sponsors:

Below is a list of the winners in this year’s Harvestfest Photography Competition.

Congratulations to all the winners.  To see the winning images go to the gallery at the Imagemakers website.

 Under 18 Years of Age Category:

There were no entries in this year’s competition.

The Colour “Yellow” Category:

First Place – “Sunflower Sun Salutation” by Lynn Fergusson 

Second Place – “Dying Fields” by Kathy Banfield

Third Place – “Goldfinch in "Golden Glow" ” by Val Smith

Animal Category:

First Place – “Northern Gannets - A Tight Fit ” by Lynn Fergusson 

Second Place – “Fright Flight ” by Donna MacNeil (Enfield) 

Third Place – “Attentive” by Mike Byrne 

Creative Category:

First Place – “Burntcoat Head” by Donna MacNeil (Enfield) 

Second Place – “Dreamy Skyline” by Kathy Banfield 

Third Place – “Totem” by Susan Lord 

Flora Category:

First Place – “Spring Light” by Hazel Caldwell 

Second Place – “Flowering Kale, Calgary Zoo” by Mary Harrison 

Third Place – “Spring Beauty” by Brian Russell 

Landscape/Seascape Category:

First Place – “Vineyard Sunrise” by Mike Byrne 

Second Place – “Rise and Shine” by Judy Hardiman

Third Place – “"Rock On"on Rissers Beach” by Millie Russell

Open Category:

First Place – “Up to No Good!” by Ulli Hoeger 

Second Place – “Spiritual Awakening” by Judy Hardiman

Third Place – “Milky Way - Blue Rocks” by Lynn Fergusson 

People Category:

First Place – “Black and White Lace” by Kathy Banfield 

Second Place – “The Soul of an Ancient Singer” by Yvonne Lantz

Third Place – “Seasoned” by Mike Byrne

Advanced Open:

First Place – “Bear River Flow” by Jim Hardiman

Second Place – “After the Storm” by Jim Hardiman

Third Place – “Great Egret Brookfield Wetlands” by Cliff Sandeson 

Best of Show:

“Northern Gannets - A Tight Fit” by Lynn Fergusson 

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      Hello Edward. I am glad that you enjoyed the competition. There are a lot of good photographers in the group and it is a fun annual event for the club. It was very nice to meet you that evening. Take care.

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