Great Photographers – Josef Sudek

Judy Hardiman Learning, Photography 4 Comments

As a self-taught photographer and painter, I spend a lot of time studying Art and Photography.  I enjoy learning and I am able to research these subjects at my own pace and focus on topics that truly interest me.  I am fortunate because these two creative activities, Painting and Photography, compliment each other very well.  The Principles of Design and ...

Using Lightroom® to Remove Sensor Dust from Photos: Using the Spot Removal Tool

Jim Hardiman Learning, Photography, Training, Video 2 Comments

Sensor dust is a fact of life for those of us using a DSLR.  It is important to use good lens changing techniques and clean your sensor (professionally if you are not sure how to do it) if it gets to the point where dust is causing a problem with your photos.  To deal with problem dust that is already ...

Q & A – About Us

Judy Hardiman Interview, Photography 2 Comments

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