It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot

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I love this quote and I use this thought whenever I “wish that I had started photography and painting at a younger age.”

I discovered my passion for photography and painting later in life and I wish that I had years of experience and learning behind me to get me where I would like to be with my art.

From time to time, I let this worry get the better of me but then I quickly remind myself of other great photographers who started later in their lives and still achieved their personal goals.  In England, Julia Margaret Cameron (1815 – 1879), started her photography career at the age of 48 when her daughter gave her a camera.  Her passion for photography made her a very successful photographer who produced a large body of quality work.  She was known for her portraits and allegorical works.  She was considered a woman ahead of her time.

Recently, I attended a seminar by Maurice Henri (which by the way, was amazing) and he talked about a friend of his, Phyllis Goodfriend, who started photography at age 65 and she is an amazing photographer.  So, you are never too old to live the life you image.  I would encourage everyone, including myself, to let go of that concern and just enjoy what you do because it gives you joy. You never know where it will take you.

For more information about Julia Margaret Cameron, check out:

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