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Question 2

What do you love most about photography?

JUDY:  “For me, it’s the adventure.  I love going out and taking photographs.  I love going to a new town or new city that I have never been to before and wondering what I am going to see.  I just find it so exciting.  And, it doesn’t have to be an exotic or far off country to see things that are interesting.  Just the things that are around you can be interesting.

Now, one day I hope to travel to places further away from home; but, right now, it is just about the adventure.  It’s about seeing things maybe for the first time; or, looking at things as if it is the first time you are seeing it.  You know, like looking for that perfectly shaped tree or just all those pleasant surprises along the way.  It is the most exciting thing that I can do in a day – go for that adventure.”

JIM:  “I love many things about photography; but, if I had to pick what I love most, it would be how it allows me to be artistic.

I can’t draw.  I can’t sing.  I can’t paint.  I’ve never ever put any effort or time into other artistic endeavours because I’ve never felt that I had the talent for it.  But, I can see.  I think that I have an eye for what makes good art and through the use of a camera, I can create it.

So, I love photography because it permits me to be artistic.”

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