Winners of the 37th Annual Harvestfest Photography Competition

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Last evening, Image Makers Photography Club in Truro, Nova Scotia held their 37th Annual Harvestfest Photography Competition and this year they had more entries in the Under 18 Years of Age Category than any other category.  It was wonderful to see so many entries in this category.  The winner of this category, Porter Myette, won a $50.00 gift certificate for Henry’s.

Image Makers carried on with their digital competition, as well as, their new scoring system which broke the score down into four different criteria: Impact, Technical Quality, Content/Composition and Creativity.  There were 81 entries in this year’s competition.

There was a good turnout at last night’s presentation and the judges’ shared their comments along with their constructive criticism if any.  There were three judges on the panel which included George Klass, Lawrence Nicoll and Judy Hardiman.

Prizes were generously donated by the following sponsors:

Carsand Photo Imaging in Truro
Henry’s Canada in Dartmouth
Image Makers Photography Club in Truro (provided the $50.00 Gift Certificate)

Here is a list of the winners in this year’s Harvestfest Photography Competition.  Congratulations to all the winners.  To see the winning images go to the gallery at the Imagemakers website.


Under 18 Years of Age Category:

First Place – “An Apple A Day” by Porter Myette
Second Place – “London is Calling” by Samuel Johnston
Third Place – “Look Up” by Porter Myette

The Colour “Purple” Category:

First Place – “The Gathering” by Angela Geldart
Second Place – “Purple Tower” by Cathryn Young
Third Place – “Morning Light” by Beverly Meilleur

Animal Category:

First Place – “Woodlot Sentry” by Hazel Caldwell
Second Place – “What’s Up?” by Mike Byrne
Third Place – “Big Buck” by Derek Coombs

Creative Category:

First Place – “Eve’s Shadow” by Donna J. MacNeil
Second Place – “Sand Art” by Yvonne Lantz
Third Place – “Dreamy” by Derek Coombs

Flora Category:

First Place – “Raindrops are Falling on my Head” by Angela Geldart
Second Place – “New Life in Spring” by Brian Russell
Third Place – “Sunflower Sunset” by Donna J. MacNeil

Landscape/Seascape Category:

First Place – “Graves Island” by Anne Macleod Weeks
Second Place – “Autumn on the River” by Hazel Caldwell
Third Place – “Full Moon Rising” by Beverly Meilleur

Open Category:

First Place – “Hali Shapes” by Anne Macleod Weeks
Second Place – “The Artistry of Nature” by Yvonne Lantz
Third Place – “Triangle of White” by Brian Russell

People Category:

First Place – “Remembering” by Mike Byrne
Second Place – “I Love You a Daisy a Daisy I Do” by Beverly Meilleur
Third Place – “Raw and Real Self Portrait” by Donna J. MacNeil

Advanced Open:

First Place – “Rusty Buick” by Jim Hardiman
Second Place – “Hands On” by Rob Shaw
Third Place – “Cocoa Before Sunrise” by Jim Hardiman

Best of Show:

“Remembering” by Mike Byrne




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  1. Another year of amazing images! Congratulations to all who won, and hats off to all who entered ….it is difficult to learn and grow if you don’t put your talent out there to be seen from another prospective!

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