Winners of the 35th Annual Harvestfest Photography Competition

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Recently, Image Makers Photography Club in Truro, Nova Scotia held their 35th Annual Harvestfest Photography Competition and this was the first time they went digital.  Previously, all the entries were entered in print form and mounted on foam board.  The change was made to reflect how people share photos today.  There were 98 entries in this year’s competition.  An increase from the previous year.

Private judging took place on September 28, 2015 and the presentations and judges’ comments took place on September 30, 2015 at the Truro Junior High School in Truro, Nova Scotia.  There were three judges on the panel which included one outside judge, Mike McCarthy, and two judges internal to the club, Judy Hardiman and Wayne Talbot.

Prizes were generously donated by Bev Meilleur and the following sponsors:

Atlantic Photo Supply in Dartmouth
Carsand-Mosher Photographic Ltd in Truro
Camera Repair Centre Ltd in Halifax
Henry’s Canada in Dartmouth

So, without further ado, here is a list of the winners in this year’s Harvestfest Photography Competition.  Congratulations to each of the winners.  To see the entries in this year’s competition visit the gallery at the Imagemakers website.

Under 18 Years of Age Category:

First Place – “OH, So Cold” by Samuel Johnston
Second Place – “Sel…Ja…Foss..Something..What?” by Caelan Shaw
Third Place – “Fruit Splash” by Samuel Johnston

The Colour “Pink” Category:

First Place – “Sheltered by Pink” by Derek Coombs
Second Place – “Pink & Poisonous” by Val Smith
Third Place – “I’m Surrounded by Pink” by Millie Russell

Animal Category

First Place – “Yakkity Yak” by Donna J. MacNeil
Second Place – “Are You Looking At Me?” by Julia Abram
Third Place – “Timber Wolf” by Hazel Caldwell

Digital Creations Category:

First Place – “The Road Less Travelled” by Sarah Norris
Second Place – “Whispers of Light” by Yvonne Lantz
Third Place – “Ghost of Selma” by John Schickler

Flora Category:

First Place – “Sunflower” by Harold Wilson
Second Place – “Twice the Beauty” by Millie Russell
Third Place – “Pink Beauty” by Donna MacNeil

Landscape/Seascape Category:

First Place – “Don’t Fence Me In” by Bev Meilleur
Second Place – “Morning Glow” by Derek Coombs
Third Place Tie – “Ometepe Sunset” by Donna J. MacNeil
Third Place Tie – “The Beauty of Iceland” by Rob Shaw

Open Category:

First Place – “Regal Eagle” by Julia Abram
Second Place – “Pathway to Wonderland” by Derek Coombs
Third Place – “Vacancy” by Mary Jane Abram

People Category:

First Place – “The Broken” by John Schickler
Second Place – “Weather Watching” by Kathy Banfield
Third Place – “The Troubles I’ve Seen” by Donna J. MacNeil

Advanced Open:

First Place – “Patient Reflection” by Jim Hardiman
Second Place – “Golden Morning Rays” by Jim Hardiman
Third Place – “The Little Train That Could” by Lawrence R. Nicoll

Best of Show:

“Patient Reflection” by Jim Hardiman


Judy Hardiman

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  1. TY Judy for your hard work on this. TY to all the judges for a job well done. Congrats to all the winners and special congrats to Jim Hardiman for best in show.

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