Tim Hortons Camp Day 4 June 2014

Jim Hardiman Nova Scotia, Photography 2 Comments

The  Tim Horton Children’s Foundation  runs six camps for children in Canada and the USA.  These camps are operated to provide a fun camp experience for children who come from economically disadvantaged homes.  On 4 June of each year, Tim Hortons holds a fund raiser for this activity and donate the money that they raise from many of their sales on that day.  Additionally, many of the Tim Hortons provide entertaining activities for their patrons on that day.  Judy and I were asked to run a Photo Booth on 4 June 2014, to allow customers of the  Tim Hortons on Pictou Road, Bible Hill, Nova Scotia  to grab a prop and have a free photo taken.  Well, it was a success!   We took many entertaining photos of young and old “hamming it up”.  These photos were then sent off via email to the subjects of each photo and after printing they will be displayed in the Pictou Road Tim Hortons.  We thank Tim Hortons for the opportunity to participate and all of the folks who got involved.



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  1. What a fun idea! It is easy to ask for donations, but it is quite something else to get everyone involved in the fun and inspired to participate! Great job!

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