Tim Hortons Camp Day 01 June 2016

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On June 1st of this year, Jim and I volunteered to set up a photo booth at our local Tim Hortons Restaurant on Pictou Road, Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.  This was our second time helping out at their annual fundraising event #CampDay.

The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation runs six camps for children in Canada and the USA. These camps are operated to provide a fun camp experience for children who come from economically disadvantaged homes and to help build brighter futures for youth in our communities.

As they do each year, Tim Hortons holds a fundraiser to help send as many children as possible to the various camp locations.  Money is raised through coffee sales and other donations.  In addition, many of the Tim Hortons restaurants provide entertaining activities for their patrons on that day.  At the Pictou Road location, there were several fundraising events.  There was a bake sale, a toll booth, a BBQ, and several gift baskets which were raffled off.  The photo booth was set up just to be a fun event.  Customers were encouraged to grab a prop and have a free photo taken.  It was a fun day and we took several photos of people hamming it up.  It was a fun day for the staff as well.  Photos were later emailed to each person.

Thank you everyone who came out to support the Tim Hortons Camp Day fundraiser.  A lot of children will have fun this year thanks to your donations.

Below, are a few photos from the Photo Booth and other activities at the Pictou Road location.


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