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Question 5

What goal are you working towards with your photography; and, when will you know if you have reached it?

JUDY:  “My goal is to be a great photographer and to produce a large body of quality work that people will enjoy.

I don’t know if I will ever feel that I have reached my goal.  I am more concerned with learning how to be a great photographer.  Having short-term goals along the way is what I enjoy the most.  It is exciting to try new things.  It is exciting to look back and see how your work has improved.  There will always be a better photograph to add to my portfolio.  There will always be something new to try – something new to learn.

The journey is where the fun is, where the adventure is, where the joy is.”

JIM:  “That is a difficult question.  I think if I had one goal in photography it would be to create more impactful images.  I would like to learn more about composition, not necessarily more about the rules, such as the rule of thirds, the rule of odds, form, shape, texture and colour and all those sorts of things, but more about what makes an image that causes people to say ‘Wow’.  That’s what I am trying to achieve.  So, my goal in photography is to create more impactful images where people who weren’t there or don’t have an emotional connection to the subject, go ‘Wow’ when they see them.

How will I know when I’m there?  When people say ‘Wow’ when they see my photographs.”

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