Glass Rim Lighting/Luminance Masking

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Last night we got together with a couple of friends to do some learning about “radical rim light”.  Our friends made some wonderful images and I thought that I would post one of my own.  I have taken several photos of this glass, however, in this one, I added a little different lighting to achieve the colour that you see in the rim lighting.  The technique used in Photoshop to clean up the image and remove the specular highlights involves making a luminance mask and then building up the density of the resultant selection by replicating the layer.  This technique is very useful when trying to make selections of transparent items.  I would be happy to do a Quick Tip video on this technique if there was anyone interested.


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    1. Kathy – Thanks for the comment. Yes it was fun. I will do up a tutorial shortly to demonstrate the luminance masking technique. Jim

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