Fisherman’s Cove

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Fisherman’s Cove is a fishing village found in Eastern Passage along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore and it is only 20 minutes from downtown Halifax.  Jim and I have visited this spot a number of times and each trip offers something new.

Our first visit to Fisherman’s Cove was in 2009 with our camera club,  Image Makers Photography Club, and I was new to photography.  It was my third field trip with the club and I had a lot to learn about photography.  I switched from my Nikon Coolpix to a Nikon D300 and I was learning how to shoot in Aperture Priority.  Back then, I was just happy to get a photograph that was in focus.  I remember thinking at the time, “There is so much to learn.  Will I ever figure it all out”?  It is fun to look back at your photographs and see how far you have come.

Here is a shot from that first trip to Fisherman’s Cove.  It was an overcast day and there was a light rain.


Fisherman’s Cove has something for everyone.  As a photographer, you will find a lot of interesting subject matter. There are fishing boats coming in and out of the cove, lobster traps, brightly painted buildings and lots of textures. I love the colours and architecture of the shops.  There is one building there that always has something interesting in front of it.  The first trip, in 2009, I found what appeared to be the shell of a raft secured to the front of the building and I wondered why it was there.  When I returned the next year, the raft was gone.  It continually changes.

A couple of days ago, Jim and I returned to the Cove and found even more interesting things to photograph.  The shops were painted a different colour and I found a wonderful green wall with a black table and chairs resting against it.  There is so much to see, if you take the time.  Here are two shots from that day.


This is an image of Jim photographing a section of the Court of States near the entry to the park; as well as, an image showing a small section of the same corridor which reminded me of a log cabin quilt square.

For non-photographers, you will find gift shops, a gallery where you will find local artists’ paintings, prints and cards, a few restaurants and an ice cream stand.  Charter boats are also available for deep-sea fishing, whale-watching and island tours.

What are some of your favourite places to photograph?

For more information about  Fisherman’s Cove, check out their website.

Nova Scotia Tourism  also has some information on their website about Fisherman’s Cove.

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