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On June 14, 2014 we held our first workshop entitled “Lightroom® 5”.  It was a full-day course that covered the essentials from start to finish.  The course covered material such as importing, creating catalogues, how to organize and manage your photos, how to plan a workflow, editing and creating slideshows.  We had six enthusiastic people from the local area and they were great students.  They were a lot of fun.

Everyone brought a lunch and we sat around our dining room table and shared a few laughs and had some wonderful conversations.  Jim and I decided to hold our workshops in our home so we can provide a more personal and intimate setting.  We want to create an environment that is relaxing, fun and educational and our first students felt that this was accomplished.  The students completed Workshop Evaluations, and with their permission, I will share some of their comments about their experience:

“My husband and I are both teachers by training and know that it is a gift to have the huge knowledge base that you have and to be able to condense and impart that to others with such ease and in a way that is easily understood.  You have that gift and did it with grace, humour and endless patience!

“Judy, thank you for your warm welcome and work at setting up for snacks and lunch and finding the stuff we left behind before we pulled out of the driveway!”


“Loved the atmosphere and the excellent way the Lightroom lesson was given.  I don’t think you could do anything that would be anymore valuable than what was given.  Thank you so very much.”


“Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop.  I hope to put a lot of your info into practice.  Judy was so wonderful with everything set up for us to have tea, coffee and sweets, special thank you to her.  “What did I like best?  The way you gave each and everyone your full attention when we needed it.  Thanks so much Jim and Judy for opening your home to us.”


“What did I like best about the workshop?  All of it.  Methodical way to teach, which I really liked.  I thought I would have liked hands on earlier in the day, but in fact the foundation made everything else much easier.”


“Your information was very well researched and presented.  You know your stuff.  There was no “fluff” and you tackled the PC problems like a pro – that will be an important point for others who might shy away from your courses – thinking they are at a disadvantage.  You are well versed to handle Mac and PC!

I was very pleased to see you take time with “everyone”. . .  It would have been easy; tempting to allow some of the “more challenged” to slip behind . . . you didn’t (Kudos to you!).  That made me very happy.  And you were a pro when those “bugs” slowed us down.  Not much can throw you off!”


The next scheduled Lightroom workshop will be held on July 5, 2014 and it is followed the next day, July 6, 2014 by a workshop on “Photoshop”.  There is still room on both workshops if you would like to join us.  

Judy Hardiman

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