The Bazaar

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Last week, Jim and I decided to revisit a stretch of road that we came across a couple of years ago after visiting the Springhill Miners’ Museum with our two grandchildren and our daughter.  Our grandchildren had never visited a coal mine before and we thought it would be a great experience for them. It was during our trip home, …

The Cup Experiment

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My next thought was to pull back a little from the bottom of the cup as this strategy seemed to produce a greater degree of shapes and curves.  These shapes made the cup look less ordinary and more artistic in nature. When I felt satisfied that I had photographed the cup at every possible angle, I went through all the …

The Importance of Practice

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When I am out and about, I am constantly looking for interesting subject matter to photograph and I am always mindful of the importance of practice. If you study anyone who has mastered a skill whether they are a painter, composer, photographer, athlete, writer or anyone who has been fortunate enough to excel in their field, you will find that …

Merry Christmas

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Wishing you and your loved ones the very best on this Christmas Day. From our heart to yours, Merry Christmas. Judy and Jim Hardiman

1 Day til Christmas

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This image was created using, you guessed it, the iPhone/iPad App Assembly. Christmas Eve is the inspiration for this image; particularly, the gathering of friends and family. Each family has its own traditions when it comes to Christmas Eve.  I remember watching TV and waiting to find out where Santa was and then hurrying off to bed so I would …

2 Days til Christmas

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This image was created using the iPhone/iPad App Assembly. The inspiration for this piece is Games.  One of the gifts that I enjoyed the most as a kid was a new board game. Once we had opened all our gifts, we would run over to our friends houses to see what Santa had brought them and then we would all …