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  1. WOW – Judy this is an amazing image – is it HDR? Should take a red ridden I would say. The gardens sound like a real attraction, I am going to have to get a passport. You totally amaze me –

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      Thank you very much for your encouraging words. It is not an HDR shot. I photographed the door in RAW and then I made my basic adjustments in Lightroom. After that, I used a couple of Plug-ins to tidy things up the way I wanted.


  2. Outstanding! I can hardly believe this shot was taken in Florida. It looks like something from St. Marks’s Basilica in Venice with all the beautiful types of marble. The clarity in the picture is wonderful. The panels leave a lot to the imagination. Your work is striking and memorable. Thank you!

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      Thank you. It really is a beautiful location. When I found out about the brass door at Bok Towers, I could hardly wait to photograph it. It was worth the visit.

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