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With the advent of digital cameras, it has never been more accessible or affordable to make photographs. Images are being made with phones, tablets and just about every other device of which you can conceive – most of them snapshots.  This Workshop will give you a solid foundation on which to build your photography skills and move you from taking a snapshot to making a photograph.  Understanding how to use your camera is the first step, but you will learn about light and how it affects your images, exposure and how to control it and how to compose an impactful image.


Becoming a better photographer involves many elements.  While not an exhaustive list these include a knowledge of your camera, an understanding of light and how it will affect your image, how to get make a correct exposure and the elements of good composition.  Additionally, Jim will remain accessible after the Seminar should you have questions on how to do something that you have learned.  While not limited to this list this course will include:

Your Camera

Understanding how your camera works and how to make settings gets it out of the way when you want to take a shot.  Often opportunities are missed because of incorrect settings or an inability to make the setting on the camera.  Regardless of the camera that you own, there are several basic settings that you must learn to get the most out of your tool.  We will explore where these settings are on your camera and decode the menus if there is simply not a button.


Acquiring a good exposure is a combination of many elements but primarily breaks down to three settings that you make on your camera: ISO, f/stop, and shutter speed.  We will learn how these settings interact with each other and just as importantly how each setting impacts on the final image.  Novices often find this subject confusing, but you will understand it when we are done.

Focus and Depth of Field

Getting a sharp photograph is often the first desire of the new photographer.  This course will teach you how to achieve this goal.  After that, we will discuss depth of field (DOF) which we will have introduced in the Exposure portion of the workshop, as it relates to what is in focus.  Often DOF is used as a compositional tool to separate a subject from its background.


Light can be described in many ways.  In photography we often refer to four properties of light.  These include quantity, quality, direction and the colour of light.  This workshop will introduce you to these concepts and show you how to use them in your photography to make better images.


As with any visual art, you can make better photographs when you have an understanding of several of the rules of composition.  While skilled photographers break them all the time, it is wise to understand the rules before you set out to break them.  Using these rules will help you take your images from snapshots to photographs.


You will be working with your camera throughout the workshop and getting plenty of time to practice what you are taught.

This course involves using Lightroom® and will present the use of of the software from start to finish including importing photos.  While a computer with Lightroom® installed is not required, it will greatly assist in reinforcing learning during the practical portions of the workshop.  A camera or images already captured on a memory card would be helpful.  The following are suggested items:

1.  Laptop (MAC or PC) with Lightroom® (optional)

2.  Camera or images on a memory card (optional)

3.  Lunch

If you would like suggestions on information on the purchase and installation of Lightroom® software prior to the workshop, simply contact us.

Location  – Valley, Nova Scotia.  Exact details will be sent to registered participants.
This workshop will be held on the following dates:

None Scheduled


The cost of this full day workshop:


$75.00 (Image Makers members)


Please arrive no later that 8:30 am for a 9:00 am start.  We will continue until at least 5:00 pm.

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