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Light Painting refers to several types of photographic techniques.  One such technique, involves making patterns with a light source, usually single or multiple LED lights and another involves lighting a scene with lamps of some sort.  This Workshop covers the latter. You will learn how to make interesting and engaging photographs where you have complete control of the light.  You decide the intensity, angle and of course what gets lit and what does not get lit.  Often the most interesting photos involve scenes where different parts of the frame receive different amounts of light.

Understanding Light Painting

Light Painting opens a whole new world to the creation of images.  You are not at the mercy of existing light nor are your photos bathed in the light of a flash or strobe.  You will decide exactly where the light is and from what direction it comes.


We will cover the additional items that are required to do light painting.  Most of the equipment you will already own.  In fact, you may already have everything that you need.  If not, the lights that I use are not expensive.  For the workshop, I will provide the lights that you require.  When you register, I will provide the information concerning the lights that I recommend.

Camera Settings

This technique requires long exposures so camera settings may be different than to what you are accustomed.  Manual settings are required to make the most of this technique.  We will cover long exposure noise reduction, manual focus, white balance and several other settings to make the best of each frame.

Lighting The Scene and Takings The Photos

Good lighting procedures are critical to achieve the desired outcome.  We will cover types of lights, colour temperature, and just how to sprinkle the light around the frame.  We will cover methods for lighting table-top still life photos, as well as, large outdoor settings.  We will cover frame registration so that you can combine images later to achieve images where you prefer the lighting of one element in one frame and the lighting of another element in another frame.


We will learn how to achieve your desired results through the use of Lightroom® and Photoshop®. We will cover combining images and taking advantage of the contrast you have created in your images.

This course involves taking photographs in darkness and using hand held lights to illuminate the scene.  We will be using a variety of lights that I will provide if necessary.  If you have your own lights, you will be able to continue directly after the workshop with creating your images.  We will be using photoshop after we shoot so that we can process the images.  While a computer with Photoshop® installed is not required, it will greatly assist in learning during the post-processing portions of the workshop.  These are the items that I suggest:

1. Camera (required)

2. Tripod (required)

3. Laptop (MAC or PC) with Photoshop®  or Photoshop Elements® (optional)

4.  Penlight ( I recommend a Streamlight 65018 Stylus (about $18) which can be obtained at Amazon and other retailers) (optional)

5.  Camera manual if you are not familiar with the controls (optional)

6.  Lunch

If you would like suggestions or information on the purchase of penlights prior to the workshop, simply contact us.

Location  – Valley, Nova Scotia.  Exact details will be sent to registered participants.
This workshop will be held on the following dates:

None Scheduled


The cost of this full day workshop:


$75.00 (Image Makers members)


Please arrive no later that 8:30 am for a 9:00 am start.  We will continue until at least 5:00 pm.

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