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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® Workshop – This workshop covers the basics of Photoshop® Lightroom® from start to finish.  You will learn the essential elements of using Lightroom from capture of the image to printing.  This workshop will teach you how to plan a workflow and improve your productivity.  With this workshop you will improve your knowledge of Lightroom® and free yourself up to spend more time behind the lens instead of behind the computer.


This workshop is designed to make the use of Lightroom® second nature.  We will cover the most useful parts of the program to ensure that you understand the powerful cataloguing and editing features.  Many people look at Lightroom® as an editor, however, its most powerful feature is its ability to keep track of your photos.

Getting Started – Starting out on the Right Foot.

The Workshop training will begin with a brief, top to bottom tour of Lightroom®.  Just enough information so that you will understand what the program can do.  We will move on to methods to manage your photos the correct way right from the beginning.  This will help find your best photos quickly and then manage their processing in a streamlined fashion.

Importing your Photos

Lightroom® is a very powerful cataloguing program.  We will learn how to import your photos and organize them in a fashion that makes the process almost automatic.  We will learn how to apply keywords, amongst other things to make your photos easier to manage and find.

Editing your Photos

Lightroom® has a very powerful Develop module that allows you to make your photos look better than ever.  This part of the Workshop will teach you how to use all of the tools available in this module.  You will learn how to efficiently adjust global properties of your photos by using the various sliders as well how to make selective adjustments with tools such as the Adjustment Brush.  Additionally, we will cover other topics such as noise reduction and correcting lens distortion.

Using Lightroom® with an External Editor such as Photoshop®

There are times when you will want to make edits to your photos that are better handled by another editor.  We will discuss how to “make a round trip” from Lightroom® to another editor and back.  This way, your photos remain catalogued in Lightroom®.  We will spend some time doing this in Photoshop®.

Slideshows – Displaying your Photographs

When you are done cataloguing and editing your photograph you are going to want to display it. We will cover making slideshows including how to apply text and music.

Exporting – Using your photos outside of Lightroom®

While keeping your entire photo Library is easily ached in Lightroom®, at some point you are going to want to free some of your pictures for printing offsite or sharing on social media.  We will learn how to export photos from Lightroom® including how to create useful presets for all you favourite uses.


Printing at home is happening less and less frequently.  Most images are now viewed on a screen of some sort like a smart phone.  There will be times when you want to print out an image.  We will cover how to print images to match your printer and paper.  We will also learn how to create presets to make the job easier.

This course involves using Lightroom® and will present the use of of the software from start to finish including importing photos.  While a computer with Lightroom® installed is not required, it will greatly assist in reinforcing learning during the practical portions of the workshop.  A camera or images already captured on a memory card would be helpful.  The following are suggested items:

1.  Laptop (MAC or PC) with Lightroom® (optional)

2.  Camera or images on a memory card (optional)

3.  Lunch

If you would like suggestions on information on the purchase and installation of Lightroom® software prior to the workshop, simply contact us.

Location  – Valley, Nova Scotia.  Exact details will be sent to registered participants.
This workshop will be held on the following dates:

None Scheduled


The cost of this full day workshop:


$75.00 (Image Makers members)


Please arrive no later that 8:30 am for a 9:00 am start.  We will continue until at least 5:00 pm.

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