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The human eye is incredibly adaptable to light; however, today’s digital SLRs are not.  Your camera cannot capture in one frame, what you see with your eyes.  To overcome this, High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography allows us to reproduce the full dynamic range of the scene and later use software to combine the images and reveal the scene as you saw it.  HDR has a somewhat negative reputation due to the “over-processing” some photographers apply to their images. This is completely unnecessary as you can make your images look totally natural using HDR.


On this workshop, you will learn how to set up your camera, make the required images and later post process them to create the final product. We will focus on making natural looking images; however, if you like the strong HDR look, you will learn how to do that too!  The following are some of the highlights of the course.

Why Do HDR

We will learn when to employ HDR photography.  HDR is a technique that helps you overcome the dynamic range limitations of current cameras.  There are times when you will not want to do this, such as,  when you are trying to capture a silhouette.  However, if you want to capture what you are seeing in a scene that has very dark areas and very bright areas, this is the technique you will want to use.

Camera Settings

Making HDR images involves capturing several frames of the same scene with varying exposures.  To achieve the best results, there are several settings that will help you achieve this.

Taking the Images

Taking photographs for later creation of your HDR image, involves several techniques that ensure that you will capture the best possible frames.  We will practice recognizing when a photo will benefit from HDR.  We will cover the use of a tripod and hand-held techniques.

Creating HDR Image

We will return to our computers to use the various HDR software packages.  We will also discuss combining images without the use of special software (Photomatix Pro® for example) to achieve the results that you desire.

This course involves both taking photos and post-processing.  Lightroom®, Photoshop®, Photomatix Pro®, as well as, HDR Efex Pro® will be covered.  A camera  is all that is required to take this workshop.   The following are suggested items:

1.  Camera (required)

2.  Laptop (MAC or PC optional)

3.  Tripod (required)

4   HDR Software (optional)

5.  4.  Camera manual if you are not familiar with the controls (optional)

6.  Lunch

To get the most out of this workshop I recommend that you bring a laptop with HDR software installed and a tripod.  If you would like suggestions on HDR software before the workshop, simply contact us.

Location  – Valley, Nova Scotia.  Exact details will be sent to registered participants.
This workshop will be held on the following dates:

None Scheduled


The cost of this full day workshop:


$75.00 (Image Makers members)


Please arrive no later that 8:30 am for a 9:00 am start.  We will continue until at least 5:00 pm.

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