Learning the fundamentals about photography helps transition you from snapping snapshots into making impactful photographs.  Beyond the basics, there are many useful photography techniques that improve your ability to capture an image or create better, more engaging images.  The list of techniques is nearly endless now that we have digital cameras.  When coupled with modern post-processing, some techniques can create more pleasing images or stunning works of art.

Scheduled Workshops

The following Workshops are scheduled (You can click on the links to learn more and register):
Lightroom® – 17 June 2017
Useful Photoshop® – 24 June 2017


Our workshops are designed to be fun, informative and useful.  You will learn in a fun environment where the focus is on ensuring that you depart with useful skills that you can put to work right away. We offer workshops on photography and post-processing.  The photography workshops cover more advanced topics and skills like Light Painting and HDR.  You will learn about the techniques and then put that learning immediately to use.  The post-processing workshops will enable you to use the most useful aspects of the software to “develop” your photos to a point where you achieve the look that you desire.  Select the Workshops that you find below to learn more.


Along with the explosion in the use of digital cameras, post-processing has become a necessary method of preparing your photographs for presentation.  There are many types of software packages available for the “processing” of images and what was done previously in a darkroom and lab, can now be done more quickly and accurately on a computer.  In fact, we can do far more with our images now than at any time in the past.  Some people call this the Golden Age of photography.  Our Workshops cover the most used and recognized software programs.  Achieving the results that we are getting used to seeing without the use of programs like Photoshop® or Lightroom® is very difficult or impossible.  Our Workshops will give you the knowledge that you require to get the most out of your post-processing.  Select the Workshops that you find below to learn more.